FIFA 18 Might Not be Available on Xbox 360 and PS3

We are into the first quarter of the month 2017, and we have already come across a number of important announcements that are being made by different companies irrespective of the field in which they operate. So the world of video games has already come across a number of announcements as well, thanks to the recently concluded Game Developers Conference (GDC) which took place at San Francisco running parallel with the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in Spain.


Now the gamers across the world are very much eager to know what’s brewing surrounding the most popular game that is going to release the latest edition of the most popular sports video game in the world. Yes, we are talking about FIFA. And with not many days left to go before the official launch of the game FIFA 18, gamers are getting anxious regarding the latest updates from EA in relation to FIFA 18.

There hasn’t been any confusion among the fans regarding the FIFA 18 release date. This is because of the fact that we have seen EA following the trend of launching the games in the series FIFA in the month of September. Rarely do they miss the September deadline of the release of the game and it is expected that this year as well we will be getting the first looks of the game FIFA 18.

But what has been concerning for the gamers across the world is the fact that the latest update has revealed that the developers of the game might not make FIFA available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There are enough reasons to back the claim that FIFA will not be playable on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Primarily we have seen that the gamers could not enjoy the new Frostbite engine while playing in the older versions of the gaming console. Along with that, if we go back to an announcement made in 2013 by Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, we might trace enough reasons behind such a claim of FIFA 18 not coming to the older generation gaming consoles.

Way back in 2013, Jorgensen commented that the last-generation consoles would be getting the new games till 2017. As we are in 2018 and are waiting for the launch of the FIFA 18, we might see the proposal being actually materialized. In that case, the gamers might have to opt for the latest gaming console in order to continue playing the latest versions of the game of FIFA.

Other than this, the recent update revealing the fact that Dele Alli is going to be the cover star of FIFA 18 has managed to grab the attention of the fans of FIFA across the world. Who will eventually become the cover star is not yet confirmed and it will take a bit of time to get a concrete update in relation to that. But with most of the news reports coming up with this update, Alli will surely be in the run to become the cover star of FIFA 18.

GTA 6 Update: 6 Things You Need To Know About

GTA 6 has been a much awaited release for all the fans and given the fact that the E3 2016 did not see any news on the same, the fans are super disappointed. The game is however, definitely going to be a super big thing for not just the makers, but also the players.


Here we list down for you, all that we’ve heard about the GTA 6 to have!

  1. Compatibility: The compatibility is one thing we sure wish to know about. The fact that you can or cannot play the game on your device is definitely a question. The GTA 5 was launched for PS3 and computers and it was after some time that the same was available on other platforms as well.

With the GTA VI, we are expecting that the game shall be launched for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Also, chances are that the game might as well work with the new PS 5 and Xbox Two; both up for release at a same time when the GTA VI is to be released.

  1. A female character

It is now time that we see a new character in the game, which is, a female. The GTA V has three male leads already. What we now want is a female lead for the game. When the writer Dan Houser was asked about a female lead at the time of release of GTA V, he said that they are sure looking forward to doing that, but, they are also waiting for a perfect theme and setting to be able to do the same.

  1. VR support

Rockstar games’ much awaited GTA VI is going to now be compatible with VR. Oh yes! Just like the franchise brings us something new with every release, we shall see something similar with GTA VI as well. And this time, it is a virtual reality support for the game.

We couldn’t have asked for more, isn’t it? (If that happens that is!)

  1. Licensed cars

GTA 5 has some really cool cars, but they aren’t real. With GTA VI, we are hoping to see cars from all the major manufacturers, which shall be licensed ones. So now, you might get some real feels while driving the cars on GTA VI!

  1. Modifications

The GTA VI will bring in an option to modify your cars and change the various aspects of the car to turn it into something you’d like to see.

  1. Release

The GTA VI Release Date won’t be out in the market any time soon since they are now focused on building up the GTA online game. However, the game is supposedly going to be out by the middle of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. Too far, but it surely shall be worth all the wait.

GTA VI is sure going to be a major thing if it gets all of this in store for us!