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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Support VR Technology: Know All about It

The VR technology got a boost in the year 2016 like no other year. Sony launched the PSVR, and people have been looking forward to a smartphone that supports VR technology. Perhaps bending to the public will, the Note 8 will be supporting VR whenever it releases. 2016, is just about the best year when it comes to virtual reality technology. The technology is the technology of the future. It’s a flawed and fascinating technology that has a long way to go before people get tired of it. VR technology has a long way to go in today’s time which is why the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is preparing for the future and will be coming with VR capabilities.

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Ever since the disinter of the Note 7 there has been speculations weather there will be a Note 8, and of late there are rumors that the Note 8 is canceled. But likely they are not true. There is a very simple reason behind it. There is no replacement for the Note line up. Loyalists of the Note line up would find it difficult and a painful experience to switch to any other line up. They’ll feel lost, and so, by theory, most of the loyalists will be looking forward to laying their hands on the next Note handset, that is, Note 8.

We don’t have any official Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, but one can guess by looking at the pattern of the release date for the previous Note smartphones. The first Note phone was announced in October 2011 and released a couple of days later in the same month and year. The Note 2 was announced in August and then released in the September of 2012. The next one in the line, the Note 3 was announced in September 2013 and announced in the same September. The Note 4 was announced in September and released October of 2014. The Note 5 was announced in August of 2015, and it was released in the same month of the same year. The Samsung skipped the number 6 and launched the Note 7 in August 2016 after making an announcement of the phone in the month. Taking this very pattern, we think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launching in August or September of 2017. We also heard Samsung had wanted to release the phone earlier but ever since the disaster of Note 7, the company has become stricter in their security, and therefore there is more check that the next Note smartphone will go through. This is why the launch date of Galaxy Note 8 has been postponed.

Speaking of what new features could be coming to the Note 8, if rumors are to believed, then the next Note will see a complete revamp in terms of the design. The design of Note 7 is said to be one of the reasons for the great damage that the Note 7 went through last year. We certainly are looking for the new designed and more powerful Galaxy Note 8 that will likely release later this year.