5 Considerations before you Wax your Car

Waxing and polishing a car are different, and one product doesn’t really substitute another. Although both are available at the professional car care stores, the job isn’t really very difficult that it’s not doable on own efforts. It is very much doable without professional assistance, however the car owner must possess the necessary knowledge on how to choose the best car wax for their car(s). Factors like the car’s color, surface type, age, type of wax product, desired output etc. come into the scene while waxing a car, and there are considerations to make otherwise the finishing might not be as shiny as expected.


5 Considerations before waxing a Car

So before waxing a car, knowing 5 key facts is absolutely necessary. Not knowing them will not really hurt much, but a wrong step might actually hurt the car’s original color coat and the repair could be expensive over time.

  • Wax and Polish aren’t same: These two liquids do pretty much the same thing – make the exterior of a car shinier, but they do bear their own differences. Waxes are mostly protective coating on a car’s body and no imperfection is hidden whereas polishes do offer a shiny coating on a car’s body and they also reduce and correct minor scrapes and scratches, reduces grease and grime etc. on a car’s exterior.
  • How old is your Car? The car’s age is another important factor to consider. Because the waxing pattern and timing frequency for a new car would be different than the same of an older car. Car exterior experts recommend that a new car be cleaned and waxed regularly using spray based wax solutions, maybe weekly even. The spray wax typically wears out after a week and that’s where this frequency comes useful. For older cars, shorten the frequency.
  • Paste Waxes: Paste waxes are durable and should be done by a professional setup. If you have professional wax and polish tools and an older car then paste waxes might come useful. They tend to stay on a car’s surface for a lot longer than the spray waxes – thus paste waxes save the weekly trouble on the car owner’s end. Although, experts suggest the frequent waxing using spray waxes instead of keeping a paste wax for long but that’s not the case for older cars.
  • Test the Wax before your Apply: Do not jump into waxing the whole car using a brand new untested wax product at first attempt. Instead, try the product first at unnoticeable areas of the cars first. See how the output turns out and notice if there’s any color fading or corrosion of any sort. If everything looks okay, then wax the full car.
  • Machine or Hand Polishing? Depends on the purpose of your car. If it’s a personal vehicle and don’t run into red carpet events very often, a hand wax using spray bottles is just fine. However, cars that need to look good all the time should undergo machine polishing right before the big days. A mirror finish requires a lot of time and effort.


Once you have gone through these 5 considerations for the first time, life becomes easier and you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about the car wax. Pick the best car wax based on reviews by experts, and you’ll remain out of any confusion. do not forget to check best car accessories review.