What is Kik? App review for parents

We all love being socially active on various platforms. One such application creating the new buzz is Kik Messenger app. It’s becoming popular day by day and taking over as a storm to other competitive instant messaging application. Besides being equipped with all the fundamental features the curators of Kik has raised the bar a notch with some edgy features as well. All you need to do is just Kik Login and stay connected with your near and dear ones. Putting them to highlight are:


  • Chat enhancements with video and images: You could think of videos as “chat enhancers”. Whether you want to use them as “ice breakers” or to move the conversation along, sharing videos on the Kik Messenger app can greatly enhance your online chats.
  • Kik bots with connecting different organizations and brands
  • Group chat rooms with personalized individual link-ups. Once you have found people to chat with, the possibilities for chatting fun are virtually endless. The more you use the app, the more fun it will become.
  • Networking in groups ahead with usernames in-spite of using your contact information. If you want to meet new people by searching for your interests or looking for Kik users on different social media platforms.

Most of the users are from the age group of teens say 13 years onwards who are absolutely in love with the wonder age next generation application. Kik messenger is potentially a great platform to interact to build a social network and work your way out in society. But on the downside, this can be simply as potential platform for any wrong doings. We know as the major group of users is teens they can be easily influenced and trapped by some unknown and totally strange people as they just display a username. Right here, is the point we need to focus more on privacy and usage of the Kik messenger application.

What parents need to know?

Parents need to understand that Kik Messenger is an application working parallel or as an alternative to SMS texting and social networking applications for smart phones. It has some uber cool features as stated above with some possible downhill effects.

  • All said, teens who use Kik messenger should be able to discern the difference between messaging people individually and or within groups; a social networking environment.
  • This Kik app with multi feature combo (definitely coupled up with more potential troubles) is for young adults to communicate with friends and family. Sure fun is allowed but always with caution!
  • Sharing personal information to Kik users you don’t know well should be avoided.

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Teens sure do need some guidance on safety as well as privacy if they are going to use it. Time will tell. If they do, we hope the developers, parents, and teens will all keep privacy and safety in mind. Let us beware to term it as “old- fashioned texting” gone wrong and prefer it more with “next generation Instant messenger – Kik”.